5 step guide to renting a truck

A tautliner truck is one of Rentco's commercial trucks for hire

Hiring a commercial truck can help companies to grow their business and fulfil demand, without the commitment of purchasing a heavy vehicle.

Hiring a truck from Rentco is a straightforward process, but there are a few things you need to know before delving into truck hire.

In this guide, we will take you through the 5 steps for renting a commercial truck.

Step 1. Choose a truck hire company

If you need a commercial truck, start by finding a reputable transport hire company, such as Rentco. 

As a nationwide brand with branches in key cities across Australia, we will be your go-to rental company for your commercial vehicle needs. You can find our head office in Perth with other depots based in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney, and Townsville.

When you get in touch, we will explain our processes and assess your requirements. 

Step 2. Know your truck

Not all trucks are the same. The type of vehicle you hire may depend on the size and weight of your load, your license, and where you are travelling to. 

At Rentco we have one of the biggest fleets in Australia, and our truck hire service includes:

  • Rigid Trucks
  • Rigid Flat Top Trucks
  • Tipper Trucks
  • Mini Tipper Trucks
  • Yard Trucks
  • Small Trucks
  • Prime Movers

Which truck is right for you?

Rigid trucks

Rigid trucks come with a single axle, gates, a bull bar, and spotlight. These are a versatile solution suitable for transporting different cargo. 

If you want one truck that can be used for pallets, boxes, and cartons, this could be the best fit for your business. We even have refrigerated rigid trucks available.

Rigid flat top trucks

Heavy cargo will be no match for a rigid flat top truck, with a payload capacity of 8 tonnes. These are compact, yet efficient as they can withstand the conditions of a rough worksite. 

Whether it is a short trip to a building site or an overnight drive, this is a flexible option. Suits irregular-sized loads and machinery.

Tipper trucks

A tipper truck is for loose building materials such as gravel, mulch, sand, dirt, and aggregate. 

A common choice for farmers, builders, and landscaping companies, our tipper trucks can safely deliver your goods from A to B. Also available in a smaller, mini tipper variety for city use.

Yard trucks

A high-quality yard truck will come with a hydraulic lifting fifth wheel, giving you the flexibility to maneuver around your workplace with minimal fuss.

The purpose of a yard truck is to relocate trailers, so you can attach them to any vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Small trucks

Have a load that is too big for a car, but too small for a rigid truck? A small truck could be a perfect choice. 

Small trucks come in a range of styles and capacities, with a solution for every driver.

Prime movers

Customers looking for a truck that can be used off-road and in mining projects will need a powerful prime mover, compatible with B-Doubles and Roadtrains, with power ranging between 300 and 600 horsepower.

At Rentco, we have over 200 prime movers available, and we can help you pair your truck with the right commercial trailer.

Step 3. Prepare your driver

Once you have chosen the right truck for the job, it is time to decide who will drive it. Rules may vary between states, and your nearest Rentco office will provide you with accurate advice and information.

Most trucks will require an accredited driver with a heavy vehicle license. The only exception is small trucks, where a standard driver’s license may be acceptable.

Step 4. Complete a rental agreement

When you hire a truck, you will need to complete a rental agreement. This is a contract, protecting both the truck hire company and the driver. Depending on the type of truck, there will be certain conditions you need to agree to.

We will need to know who the driver is and ensure they have the appropriate licence. Our pricing and processes are transparent, giving you peace of mind that you are getting value for money and quality vehicles for your commercial venture.

We offer both short and long term hire.

Step 5. Enjoy the benefits

Pick up your truck at an agreed time, and you will be ready to start transporting your cargo.

When you choose Rentco as your truck hire company, you will get the benefit of 24/7 customer service. Plus, you will have a choice of vehicles from our well-maintained, modern fleet. 

Our trucks and commercial trailers are regularly inspected, and we will meet all your worksite compliance requirements.

Need truck hire? Contact us today.