4 must-have safety features in a mine spec bus rental

A 12-seater bus for hire from Rentco

In any mine site, occupational health and safety is king – but so is efficiency and keeping costs low, which can quickly become competing priorities.

When getting mine employees from A to B, your passenger transport vehicles will also need to comply with strict safety requirements. The question is, what exact features should you be looking for in a mine spec ute or bus?

At Rentco, we offer a range of light commercial vehicles for hire, including our 25 and 12 seater bus rentals.

We’ve serviced mining companies all around Australia for decades, and continue to upgrade and optimise our fleet to maintain compliance with the latest regulations. Whatever your requirements are, you can rely on our expert team to arrange a custom transport solution for you.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important safety features your passenger vehicles must have when operating to, from, and around a mine site.

1. Engineered Roll Over Protection Systems

Driving on unsealed roads, gravel, and uneven ground are common conditions around a mine site, and the risk of rolling over is raised further by drivers who make sudden sharp turns or transporting loads and crews where weight gets shifted around.
With Rentco’s bus rentals, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s roll over protection system will help avoid and protect your passengers during a roll over accident.

2. In-vehicle management system

As a Mine Manager, knowing where your crew are at all times and how your day-to-day operations are running is vital to maintaining high productivity and keeping costs low. The key to this is having access to real-time data, delivered through smart tech solutions such as an in-vehicle management system.

By choosing transport equipment that comes with an in-vehicle management system, your transport equipment operators will have access to live route location tracking; information about the vehicle’s fuel, water, temperature, and battery levels; and review prompts for vehicle maintenance.

At the same time, you’ll receive data about your fleet’s performance, such as how long certain pick-ups and drop-offs take, which processes need to be optimised further or whether your employees require additional training to improve their performance and compliance with work safety practices.

3. Starter motor isolation and jump start receptacle kits

When your transport vehicles require maintenance and electrical checks, you should have a starter motor isolation switch, so that employees can safely work on it without the risk of accidentally starting the vehicle up.

All our bus rentals feature starter motor isolation, which is operated via a hard lockable switch. You’ll also have a jump starter kit so that you’re not left stranded when your battery suddenly dies.

Equipment that’s built to last

When you’re working on a mine site, you want to be sure that your equipment can withstand tough conditions. From the long and arduous drive through the hot weather and harsh environment of the Australian desert, to everyday handling from mine employees, our 25 and 12 seater bus rentals are specially designed for use on mine sites.

To enquire about our 25 and 12 seater bus rentals, additional features for hire, and other custom transport equipment solutions, get in touch with your nearest Rentco depot.