When you need to deliver stuff

When you need to deliver stuff

Road transport is what keeps Australia going.  Every day there are vans and trucks out on the roads delivering everything from food, clothes, groceries, flowers, online shopping or the daily newspapers.  The people delivering the goods follow routes made up of regular stops and those that vary on a daily basis. Businesses that make regular deliveries often have their own fleet of vehicles, but when the vehicle is in for scheduled service or repairs or in peak demand periods, it’s good to know your local Rentco centre can hire you a vehicle to meet your needs at an affordable price.

Busy roads and tight spaces

For around town deliveries we have a range of vans, utes or smaller trucks that are perfect for the job.  We have refrigerated vehicles for cargo that must be kept at a specific temperature (nobody wants to receive warm groceries), trucks with side curtains for curb side deliveries or ones with hydraulic lifts for bulky or heavy items like a new fridge or washing machine.

When a ute just isn’t big enough

For businesses like landscapers, or small builders one of Rentco’s small tipper trucks can save time and effort.  With a generous 3.5 cubic metre body and a two-way tailgate, this little workhorse is perfect for moving small loads, clearing smaller sites or picking up supplies.

Moving people safely and efficiently

For companies that need to move people and supplies from site to site a Rentco mini bus and trailer is the way to go. Our self-drive 12 seater mini bus is an efficient solution for getting your crew safely to where they need to be - add a trailer and you have room for tools, bulky equipment and supplies.

Serious cargo solutions

Our fleet of flat bed trucks and trailers are designed to transport palleted goods, larger irregular shaped loads, cars, machinery or mine cargo to name a few. If you have a specialist job to deliver, talk to us, we’re ready for the challenge.

When you need a prime mover in a hurry

The Rentco fleet has over 200 prime movers and a diverse variety of hire trucks which are suited to domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial purposes. We can supply prime mover rentals that are fuel spec’ compliant for hazardous goods and for applications such as mining or off-road.  We can also provide water carting equipment.

Trailers for rent

Whether you need to move a shipping container, a large piece of machinery or transport a house, we have a trailer option that works.

Rentco – keeps you moving

Rentco delivers… we’ve built our business reputation on customer service, and pride ourselves on operating a fleet of modern hire vehicles with the equipment you need to do the job.  We’re committed to offering value for money and very competitive rates for short or longer term hire with the bonus of 24/7 national breakdown support service.

We are standing by ready to help with the right truck or trailer for the job.  Find your nearest Rentco depot here.