Top tips for inner city driving

Top tips for inner city driving

While many rental trucks can be driven on a regular driver’s C Class driver’s licence, for many the first time they drive a much larger vehicle than they’re used to can be nerve racking.  Inner city areas are especially confronting as they combine busy traffic, pedestrians, tight spaces, parking restrictions and multiple stops.

Here are Rentco’s top tips for safe driving in the CBD and other busy urban locations.

Take your time

Big cities can be frantic, with crowds of pedestrians, courier’s on bikes and a lot of traffic on the road.  Inevitably many are in a hurry and impatient.  In these circumstances a drive needs to be extra vigilant.

  • Don’t rush
  • Plan your route
  • Avoid peak hour if possible

Plan your route

Ensure you plan the route in advance and load the vehicle according.  Check you have the right street address and any access instructions.

  • Call ahead if you are delayed by traffic
  • Avoid peak hour traffic

Keep your distance

Inner city diving if often conjected with traffic stopping and backing up at traffic lights or intersections.  Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and other traffic.  Be especially vigilant about motorbike, cyclists and pedestrians when turning or changing lanes.

  • Keep alert for other vehicles braking or setting off
  • Watch out for motorbikes or cyclists weaving between traffic
  • Be aware pedestrians don’t always pay attention and may step out in front of you

Use a GPS

Even if you’re familiar with the route, a GPS can alert you to traffic accidents or hold ups.  For new locations they are particularly useful as they provide enough warning for you to position the vehicle in the right lane before turning.

  • Never change direction at the last minute
  • If you miss your turn off, drive around the block
  • Programming your route in advance allows you to focus on driving

Watch out for vehicle access signs

Remember you are driving a much larger vehicle.  Watch out for hazard signs, especially if you are entering an underground carpark.

  • Know the height of the vehicle
  • Make sure you can get in and out of the area
  • Find out where the loading bay is in advance
  • Ask for someone to direct you, especially in tight places

Take extra care exiting buildings

Leaving an underground car park or access lane between buildings often means driving across pavements to get back on the road.  Pedestrians always have priority.  Ease the vehicle out slowly and only proceed when it is safe to do so.

  • Take extra care when driving up or down steep ramps
  • Watch out for reversing or turning vehicles
  • Watch out for pedestrians making a dash for it


Carry licence and paperwork with you at all times, so that in the event of any issue you are able to notify the correct people quickly.

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