Road transport in Australia

Road transport in Australia

The sheer size of Australia’s land mass and the distance between our major capital cities means the lion’s share of all domestic freight is delivered by road transport.

City connections

On the east coast, around 4000 trucks a day drive the approximately 875 km route between Melbourne and Sydney.  Most of these are prime movers with two semi-trailers, known as B doubles. These vehicles have a combined loaded weight of up to 68 tonnes and can be up to 25 metres long. One way trips take anything from 10 to 12 hours.  Moving up the coast to from Sydney to Brisbane another 3600 B doubles make the averaging 1000 kms daily trip.

The distances between major centres are massive Sydney to Perth (Via Broken Hill) 4045kms, Melbourne to Perth 3400 kms, Adelaide to Darwin 3020 kms and Darwin to Perth 4025 kms these routes service our major cities and larger regional centres with food, retail supplies, construction materials, furniture, post and parcels, anything and everything you need for daily life.

Regional roads

On the outback routes the trucks are even bigger and it’s more common to see huge road trains with their triple trailers hauling raw materials and livestock and machinery for the mining, resources and agricultural sectors.

When you understand the scale of road transport operations, it’s clear the industry makes a huge contribution to the economy.

Around town

The majority of freight is delivered large warehouses or freight forwarding centres on the outskirts of the city.  Items are reloaded onto smaller vehicles for around town deliveries.  Smaller trucks are used to deliver parcels and post to sorting centres where they are delivered by courier vans or Posties on motorbikes.  Rigid or smaller trucks are used for deliveries around town.

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