Truck hire – A quick guide to our small, medium, & heavy-duty trucks

Need to hire a truck or transport vehicle for your business, but not sure which one will meet your requirements best? With so many different vehicle classifications and types to choose from, it can be challenging purchasing or hiring equipment that suits your short or long-term needs. Some of the key factors you’ll need to…
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Trailer hire: How to choose the right truck and trailer for any job

Trucks are a cost effective, flexible, and relatively faster mode of freight transportation for Australian businesses. Easy to acquire and available for long and short-term hire, you may be looking for a truck trailer to complete your next job - but which is the right one for your needs? At Rentco, we offer a wide…
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What is a yard truck used for?

Yard trucks, or terminal tractors as they are sometimes called, are a type of semi-tractor that are used to move trailers around warehouses, ports, and freight terminals.If your business is expanding and is being overwhelmed by the amount of products and trailers you need to move around each day, then a yard truck is a…
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