Need A Flat Rack? Here’s All The Info You Need To Hire One Today!!

Whether you’re shipping cargo by road, rail or sea, when you have large, irregular shaped, oversized, overweight or difficult to transport cargo, a flat rack shipping container from Rentco is designed to get the job done. 


If it’s big, awkward, an odd shape, and seems impossible to transport – one of our 40 ft flat rack containers is the solution you’re looking for.  

Collapsible Flat Rack Containers from Rentco comprise a flatbed floor structure with a high loading capacity, rigid steel framing for strength, softwood floors and two end walls which can be fixed or collapsed to suit your needs.  It’s the perfect solution for shipping over length or over width cargo safely and efficiently.  We can also help you with chains, winches, straps and other accessories to help you secure your cargo and comply with health and safety requirements.  Because they can be collapsed and stacked, these containers are the preferred option for back haul transportation. 

Fixed End Flat Rack Containers are designed for high loading capacity.  This container has a soft wood floor, two fixed end walls, plenty of anchor points but no side walls.  The fixed end walls allow cargo to be securely restrained to comply with health and safety requirements.  

No items are too big - these massive 40 foot open containers can accommodate steel, pipes, bars, cables, lumber, boats, machinery, construction and mining equipment.   The collapsible end option even allows large vehicles to be driven onto the platform and then secured for transit.  

Because safety is paramount,  all our flat rack containers  come with  plenty of reinforced anchoring points to prevent load movement during transport, even in heavy seas or over rough terrain.  Like their collapsible counterparts, they can also be stacked on top of each other if necessary.  

Manufactured for strength and durability - designed to keep cargo safe during transportation.  Our flat rack containers are manufactured to the highest standard and specification.  With standardised weight bearing corner fittings both at the top and bottom of the container, and plenty of reinforced anchor points, you can transport cargo with peace of mind.

Specialised storage solutions - In addition to efficient transport for non-standard loads, flat racks are commonly used at manufacturing or engineering workshops for storage of steel, cable and other resources.   Because our flat racks can be safely stacked on top of one another, they are space saving, adaptable and suitable for long or short term storage.     

Onsite delivery – if you have a flat surface we’ll take care of the rest – our flat rack containers are suitable for transport by flat bed, tilt tray or side loader trailers.

Talk to Rentco - We’re confident we have the right flat rack solution for you, and with bases in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville and Darwin you can be assured of local service supported by the bonus of 24/7 national breakdown support service.   Rentco is committed to offering value for money and very competitive rates for short or longer term hire.  Talk to one of our sales specialists to get your cargo moving.