I’ve crashed my rental truck, what should I do?


Accidents can and do happen especially if you’re driving an unfamiliar hire truck.  Common sense tells us a truck handles differently to the average car or van.  Because they’re larger they’re harder to manoeuvre, especially in tight spaces and traffic. You also have restricted visibility when driving a rental truck because they have no rear-view mirrors. Combine that with potential weight distribution issues when turning and the length of time it takes a loaded truck to come to a complete stop and it’s hardly surprising that the risks are greater.   Which is why it’s important to take extra care, and know your obligations and responsibilities if an accident does happen.

Safety first

In the event of an accident, it’s important to stay calm.  If you are uninjured:

  • Get everyone out of the vehicle away from traffic. Remember people in shock can be angry, confused, upset or frightened – call an ambulance if necessary and enlist help from others if possible.
  • Alert other road users to the potential danger. Turn on hazard lights and put on high-viz vest if available before setting out orange cones (witches hats) and warning triangles.
  • Exchange details with other parties involved in the accident. Include drivers licence details, phone numbers and vehicle description. Write it down or make a voice memo on your phone.
  • Take photos of the damage if it is safe to do so and get contact details of any witnesses.
  • Call the police and emergency services using 000 if people are injured, traffic is impeded or there is debris on the road.
  • Follow instructions from Police or emergency services. Only move the rental truck off the road when told it is safe to do so.
  • Call the truck rental company as soon as practicable, have the police report number handy. Ensure the rental vehicle has been secured before leaving the scene.

Rentco offers nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance so that a qualified mechanic can attend on site to rectify the issue. In cases emergency, contact the Rentco helpline as soon as possible, keep the phone number in your contacts.

Understanding your rental agreement

If an accident occurs and your truck rental vehicle is damaged, an Accident Damage Excess will be applied to your Rental Agreement. This means the excess will be charged to your rental agreement regardless of who is at fault.   The Rental Agreement provided to you at the time of the rental, outlines the details and responsibilities for all parties.  The rental agreement is how we determine the specific level of damage responsibility.   Because each accident claim is unique, the resolution time frame for each claim varies and will depend if the driver is at fault, other parties are involved and the nature of the accident.   Our helpful team members are there to talk you through the claims process and answer any questions.  Providing as much detailed information as possible will assist us to process your claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.