The benefits of Renting from Rentco

The benefits of Renting from Rentco

For many businesses across Australia, the question of whether to rent or purchase a fleet of commercial vehicles to suit their business requirements is complex.  Some questions to ask are:

  • Will the vehicle be in daily, weekly or irregular use?
  • Can the business afford the capital outlay and does it represent a good return on investment?
  • Have you calculated, compliance, insurance, registration, maintenance and associated running costs?
  • Does your business have demand peaks and troughs?

Reasons to Rent

When you drill down into the facts and figures, there are a range of advantages to hiring vehicles and equipment. Before you commit yourself, here are a few factors to consider:

Vehicle use – The great thing about renting a vehicle from Rentco is that you only pay for the time required to complete the job.  You can simply return the unit when it’s not in use. This alleviates costly downtime and allows you to accurately predict and contain the cost of the project.  Remember we offer great short, medium and long term rates and rego, insurance, storage and general wear and tear costs are included.

Capital investment – renting a Rentco vehicle provides your business with flexibility.  Hiring provides access to a well maintained modern fleet of vehicles which are work ready.  This allows you to meet demand quickly frees up capital for investment in plant and equipment or resources that increase productivity and lets you to grow your business.

No ongoing servicing and maintenance – Rentco vehicles are serviced in house by our team of experienced technicians.  Scheduled servicing and repairs are easily managed to fit in with your program.  For your peace of mind, we offer reassurance of a 24/7 national breakdown service and you can call the nearest service centre for advice.

Flexibility – Every business has peaks and troughs, commercial vehicle rental allows you to meet peak demand as and when it happens and avoids expensive downtime.   In peak periods, simply book out additional vehicles to meet your needs and once the job is finished, return the vehicle to your nearest Rentco depot.

Access – where ever you are on mainland Australia, there is a Rentco outlet in most capital cities and many regional centres.  Talk to our friendly customer service staff to work out the most efficient and cost effective vehicle hire options.

Tax efficiencies – vehicle hire costs for business are tax deductable, talk to your accountant on how to maximise your tax offsets.

Business development - because you have not invested a lump sum of capital or extended your borrowing capacity to purchase commercial vehicles, you have the ability to improved productivity or develop other business areas.  Rentco’s versatile commercial vehicle hire service allows you to make the most efficient use of your capital, save money and meet customer demands as they occur.

Whether it’s a short, medium or long term job, you can rely on Rentco.  Contact your nearest Rentco depot and our friendly staff will talk you through the options.  Where ever you are in Australia, Rentco has your equipment needs and your business bottom line covered.